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Skydive Warren County, Inc.

Skydive Warren County, Inc.
4925 North State Route 42

History :

Skydive Warren County is truly a unique family business with roots in aviation stretching as far back as 1945 when "Grandpa" Red Stewart purchased 40 acres of land in Waynesville, Ohio. Red and Irene Stewart raised their sons, Emerson "Cub", Steve, and David in a house attached to the main aircraft hangar at the newly developed Waynesville Airport located on Rural Route 2, now known as State Route 42.

In 1960, a group of skydiving pioneers, the Cincinnati Sport Parachute Jumpers, made their home at Waynesville Airport and thus planted the seed that would eventually end up as Skydive Warren County.

While all three boys thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of aviation, Steve's passion was skydiving. The skydivers taught "Little Stevie" how to pack parachutes and let him assist with small chores of the skydiving operation.

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