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Skydive Suffolk

Skydive Suffolk
1200 Gene Bolton Drive

About Skydive Suffolk:
Skydive Suffolk has been in operation since 1960. In 1983 Larry Pennington took ownership of the company, and it has run under his expert management ever since. Larry has been skydiving for over 28 years and has logged over 9,600 jumps. He is a certified FAA rigger, multi-commercial, instrument pilot, AFF Instructor/Evaluator, Vector Tandem Master and is a World Record holder and a Safety and Training Advisor. He was also one of the instructors for President Bush when he did his AFF jumps. Other staff members have similarly impressive certifications and a drive for excellence.

All jumpers are required to have a AAD... Everything about Skydive Suffolk can be summed up in one word, Extreme. From care in packing , the attention to detail in the safety pre-jump class to the rush you receive free-falling at 120 miles per hour SkyDive Suffolk takes it to the extreme. Extreme safety and satisfaction are Hallmarks of a SkyDive Suffolk jump experience.

First Time And Experienced Jumpers:
Skydive Suffolk is Hampton Roads premium facility. Whether this is your first or hundredth jump, Skydive Suffolk will make your experience safe and fun. SkyDive Suffolk's instructors are among the best in the nation for both Tandem and AFF (Accelerated Freefall). Student and Tandem gear is equipped an Automated Activation Device (AAD) which will automatically activate your parachute if you fail to do so. The attention to detail and safety measures employed by all SkyDive Suffolk staff contribute in large part to a great safety record.

Skydive Suffolk's aircraft is a 2004 PAC750XL the first aircraft that was built for skydiving. It carries 16 people to 13,500 feet in just under 10 mins. The property includes a large landing area, indoor and outdoor packing facilities, bathrooms, picnic and camping areas.

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