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Skydive Rick's

Skydive Rick's
2 Hofmeister Road

Skydive Rick's is located at the Petersburg Airport in Petersburg, Ohio.
Our Drop Zone sits west of the Ohio/Pennsylvania border, just a short drive from anywhere between Pittsburgh Pa., Cleveland and Columbus Oh..
Skydive Rick's offers a wide variety of services for all that are interested in skydiving. We have training for both the first time jumper and those that want to perfect their skills in freefall.
We are a family oriented skydiving facility that prides ourselves on having fun and being the safest Drop Zone possible.

You can choose from two of our training methods. You can make a Tandem Skydive by flying all the way up to nearly 11,000 feet (or 2.08 miles) and fall at 120MPH for around 30-40 seconds.
You can also take our Static Line Course and learn all you need to continue down the road on your skydiving career. Our training methods and equipment are the most current and state of the art you will find anywhere. All of the Instructors at Skydive Rick's are licensed by the United States Parachute Association.
From the start of the Alliance Sport Parachute Club in 1960 and the opening of Skydive Rick's at the Petersburg Airport in 1986, we have YEARS of experiance in the business of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.
With Certified Licensed Instructors with OVER 40,000 combined skydives, why go anywhere else??

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