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Skydive Newport

Skydive Newport
211 Airport Access Road

About Skydive Newport:
In the summer of 1999, Skydiving Newport first began offering jumps to the public. Offering a unique and gorgeous view (as well as amazing customer service), we have been able to enjoy many summers of safe, beautiful skydives over the Newport Coastline.

Currently, we are one of only two skydiving centers in Rhode Island. Our Satellite location is located in Lincoln RI. ( At both locations we pride ourselves on having second to none client service. Our instructors treat you like a guest and not like a "tandem number" as some other centers do. We are owner operated parachute centers (meaning the owners are on site and overseeing the operation during all phases of your jump). The airports are very user friendly, and spectators can be at the edge of the landing area to watch you land. Cameras and photos from your spectators are always welcome.

It is the goal and prime focus at Skydive Newport to offer the general public a stellar location for tandem skydives. We offer a product that is second to none, and our testimonials speak for themselves! The environment at Skydive Newport exhibits a safe, low stress, efficient, friendly, and casual setting. We believe that you should make a tandem skydive in this relaxed atmosphere. While you're flying through the air, you will have an indescribable and unforgettable experience.

With our impeccable safety record and incredible location, Skydive Newport should be the only choice for tandem jumping in New England. The staff is drug free, and since your safety is our prime concern, we only hire the best instructors the industry has to offer. The staff at Skydive Newport has many years of experience in taking the public on tandem skydives, and all of our instructors have many thousands of jumps. Our equipment is the newest and safest the industry has to offer, and all maintenance of our gear and aircraft is done meticulously and surpasses the standards put forth by the USPA, FAA and other jump centers. We don't cut corners when it comes to safety, period. We are a United States Parachute Association group member and pledge to follow all of USPA's rules and regulations.

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