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Skydive Montana

Skydive Montana
Ronan Montana Airport, Old US Highway 93

Come skydive with us at the most scenic drop zone in Montana. You will takeoff from the Ronan airport, fly out over Flathead Lake, cruise along side the majestic Mission Mountains where you'll view many lakes and waterfalls. After an exhilarating 30 - 50 second freefall, you will enjoy a breathtaking 5 to 10 minute canopy ride while helping guide the parachute safely back to the ground, landing in front of family and friends, just feet from where your aircraft  took off. We are a "Mom & Pop" operation, with emphasis on safety first, and then, showing you the time of your life. We've had many people tell us that the plane ride was worth the money;  and that the skydive was just a thrilling bonus! Our pilots are top notch and will give you an awesome scenic ride up to altitude, either 9,000or 12,000 feet above the valley floor; you choose! We are the only dropzone in Montana that offers those altitudes everyday. So give us a call and set up your reservation to "experience the thrill" and see Montana like you've never seen it before!

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