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Skydive Kansas City

Skydive Kansas City
1413 North Orange

Skydive Kansas City was opened in May 1998. By Chris & John Hall. John started skydiving in 1973 and has witnessed the industry go from old military round parachutes to todays modern Ram-air canopies. John has been known in the KC area for years as one of the best demonstration jump skydivers in the area making jumps all over the metro since the early 70's. Chris started skydiving at the age of 18 and has since traveled the country with his expert skills in freefall photography and even competed in the ESPN X games Pro Tour in 1996. With a combination of over 7000 jumps between the two of them you have a family and staff that is committed to offering the very best first jump with years of experience and dedication allowing you the customer the very best possible experience in the sky.

Skydive Kansas City is committed to offering its customers the very best in customer service, equipment, training and safety at a fair and affordable price. We have the vision to continue to grow the sport of skydiving and to share our love of the skies with all those that so desire. As we enter our second decade of operation we look forward to the challenges and growth that skydiving brings to us every season. We welcome you to our sport and hope you find the reward and excitement that drives us daily to do what we love to do.

To Our Valued Customers:
We, at Skydive Kansas City, realize that there are many places to make your first jump. At SDKC, your safety is our number one priority! Every effort and precaution has been taken to assure that our students can enjoy the thrill of skydiving in a safe, fun and professional atmosphere. We specialize in first jump training as well as continued training to take you to a United States Parachute Association license if you desire.

Our pricing is very competitive for the level of service and value we offer to each of our customers. We have group rates as well as specials throughout the season; please call us for details. We have also designed an exclusive camera system on the wing of each of our planes. Both tandem and static line first jumpers can take home the ultimate souvenir of pictures of your exit and initial freefall away from the aircraft. We also offer video on any tandem jump.

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