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Skydive Inc

Skydive Inc
840 Grand Street

Skydiving is a fantastic and thrilling activity that is unequalled in any other sport. Absolutely nothing will give you the excitement that jumping out of a perfectly good airplane can give you. Have you ever seen a rainbow from above? How would you like an unobstructed 360 degree view of the world around you in every direction, including down? Have you ever wondered what a cloud tastes like? When was the last time you watched a gorgeous Lake Michigan sunset at 120mph? You can experience all this and much, much more in the sport of skydiving. Whether you are 18 years old or over 80, we can help you experience life instead of just watching it on TV.

Skydive Allegan is a great place to skydive in Michigan and offers a friendly and informal dropzone for skydivers of all abilities. Whether you are making your first jump, going through our student training program, or are a licensed skydiver looking to make some fun jumps, we've got something to offer for everyone.

We operate a well maintained and fast climbing Cessna 182 which is optimized for skydive operations with 260hp motor, wing extensions, and jump handles. We schedule jumping every weekend and throughout the week. Many times will have multiple planes flying in order to support our skydiving operations for both the Student and Experienced skydivers.

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