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Skydive Delmarva

Skydive Delmarva
32524 Aero Drive

Skydive Delmarva uses an 18 passenger Twin Otter aircraft. That makes us the only dropzone in Maryland or Delaware that can take more than two people skydiving at a time -- we can take as many as seven together!

We are the only dropzone in MD or DE to fly above 12,000 feet for regular price -- we go to 13,500 for a longer free fall. Other area dropzones either won't go that high or will charge much more.

We are the only dropzone in MD or DE to offer both tandem skydiving and the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program.

We have professional videographers on staff who will jump with you to get the most amazing shots if you purchase our Video & Picture package. Beware of other dropzones that offer a "hand cam" video or picture package where your instructor will be taking all the pictures at arm's length.

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