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Skydive Airtight

Skydive Airtight
1651 South Lombard Lane

Skydive Airtight is a USPA Group Member skydiving facility and we are located 15 miles north of Tulsa, OK at the Skiatook Municipal Airport. We offer three types of training for first time jumpers.Tandem Skydiving (you are attached to a USPA/FAA rated instructor by harness). IAD Solo Skydiving (this is a solo skydive starting from 4,000 feet above ground level). Accelerated Freefall (AFF) with two AFF Instructors. AFF jumps are done from 10,000 ²-12,000 ² each. We use only United States Parachute Association rated instructors for all student training. We use modern state of the art parachute equipment. Skydive Airtight is privately owned and has been in operation at the Skiatook Municipal Airport since it's beginning in 1999.

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