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Plymouth Sky Sports

Plymouth Sky Sports
301 Airport Road

Plymouth Sky Sports is a full-service skydiving center that operates 5 days a week (Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays) at Plymouth Municipal Airport in Plymouth, Indiana. Centrally located in Northern Indiana, 2 hours from Chicago, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne. We are less than 30 minutes from South Bend. Plymouth Sky Sports is your best choice for skydiving in Indiana.

At Plymouth Sky Sports we focus on the customer, whether a first time tandem jumper or one of our regular licensed jumpers. We strive to provide the best customer experience and fastest service in the skydiving industry. While most skydiving centers have customers on site for 5 hours or more, we have averaged less than 3 hours for our customers since we opened in March 2011.

As a first time jumper (most select tandem, but AFF is available), we strive to provide a comprehensive experience. Plymouth Sky Sports feels the journey is as important as the destination. You can make a skydive many places, but no skydiving center in the world focuses on the total experience like Plymouth Sky Sports. Every tandem student is afforded the opportunity to complete objectives in freefall, open the parachute themselves, and to help fly and land the parachute with their instructor. We equip every student with an altimeter, so you know we are honest about our jump altitudes and you can deploy the parachute at the proper altitude. If the experience is important to you (and we feel it should be), ask any other skydiving center you are considering if they provide you an alitmeter and let you help land the parachute on your first tandem skydive... we bet the answer will be no.

At Plymouth Sky Sports we love what we do and it shows! Our full-time instructors have thousands of safe skydives and decades of experience in the sport. We only use the best equipment available, even though it costs much more than equipment used at most dropzones.

Join us for the best skydiving experience available anywhere! We are the only skydiving center in the area that trains you pull the parachute and help fly and land it on the very first jump!

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