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Pegasus Air Sports Center

Pegasus Air Sports Center
Off Arena Rd

Pegasus was founded in 1985 in North Carolina, we moved the company to Kansas in 1987 and was there until we purchased our current location in Chickasha, OK in 1994.

Owning this facility reduces many of the problems that have historically occurred at other skydiving operations, particularly at municipal airports. In addition we have no rent or lease payments and our mortgage is paid off. The net result is that our costs are somewhat lower than the average operation. This cost saving is passed onto you, our valued customers with lower prices.

Pegasus, while a commercial operation, has a small staff; we run it more like a club. Training beyond the first jump course, such as parachute packing, and later live water training are not charged for.

We are now the longest running operation in Oklahoma under one owner, our chief instructor also a commercial pilot and master parachute rigger has been flying since 1964. A jumper since 1967, a jump instructor since 1975 and a rigger since 1987. This experience allows us to deal efficiently with any problems or questions that the jumpers and pilots put to us. Pegasus is open on weekends and during the week by arrangements, Pegasus Air Sports Center is the closest to Oklahoma City - 35 miles and from Lawton, Oklahoma we are only 40 miles.

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