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Oklahoma Sky Diving Center

Oklahoma Sky Diving Center
4 Tom Maloney Drive, Cushing Regional Airport

Oklahoma Skydiving Center is located on the 350 acre Cushing Regional Airport. These 350 acres provide you with the largest unobstructed landing area in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Skydiving Center has the equipment, facility, training methods and staff to provide you with a "student friendly" environment.

Oklahoma Skydiving Center uses only USPA rated instructors and training methods, and v/e use only equipment designed and manufactured for student use. All student gear is equipped with: ZP square main canopy, square reserve canopy, CYPRES automatic activation device (AAD), reserve static line (RSL), and altimeter. The ZP main is specifically designed to address the student's canopy piloting skills. OSC also provides each student with a FCC licensed private  frequency Motorola radio to personally guide them during their canopy flight.

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